Who We Are

Premier Atlanta DJ was born in 2002 out of a passion to create something different and bring more accountability to this industry. We witnessed firsthand how certain agencies were profiting off of peoples ignorance and we decided to do something about it.

Not only had we heard all the horror stories about unprofessional DJs, we knew most people would have no clue what questions to ask or what to watch out for when hiring a DJ. This was an area companies could easily manipulate. Hearing stories like, “people are clueless, just tell them what they want to hear and book the gig” was downright dirty.

We knew it was time to build something better and do it different.

So, we did. We ventured out to build our own, “premier” DJ company. One that respects people and treats them how they deserve to be treated. One that shares its customers’ excitement and is dedicated to keeping our promises. A company that serves and doesn’t take, one that handles business and clients the right way, for every single event.

And the good news is, we’ve grown since then with the same focus we started with, to be the finest DJ company in Atlanta.

We choose not to settle for what’s worked so far, would you? It doesn’t matter how many outstanding reviews we get or how many awards we might win. We’ll never be satisfied with the “status quo” and we’ll never stop striving to be a little better than before.

Premier Atlanta DJ will always be family-owned and family-operated. We run this company the way it ought to be run: with exceptional customer service and exceptional DJs delivering exceptional performances at every event. Everyone employed at Premier Atlanta DJ knows our core values and lives by them:

  • Knowledge – Our best client is equipped with the right information. Should a potential client not book with us, we hope they’ll make a more suitable choice by just looking over our site.
  • Confidence – The most essential key in earning a clients’ business is building a relationship which ultimately builds their confidence in our services.
  • Honor – Simply put, we honor our clients questions, time and wishes for their event. You deserve it!
  • Fairness – Staying fair with all our clients by staying consistant in our guidelines and prices . Honestly always wins.
  • Value – Maintaining very reasonable prices for the high quality of service we provide, and producing results which far exceeds our clients’ expectations.
  • Transparency – No fine print, hidden fees or smoke and mirrors. Complete transparency from start to finish.
  • Integrity – Keeping our promises, period! No matter what.
  • Excellence – Striving to maintain a spirit of excellence for every client, at every event so their experience with us is beyond exceptional.

DJ’ing is not about ego for us. We honestly love our craft and are blessed to do it. Rather than an ego trip, it’s actually the contrary. Staying humble and very grateful for our customers motivates us daily.

We will never attempt to persuade you that we are the main DJ in Atlanta worth checking out. That wouldn’t be honest. The way we see it, having more DJ’s who actually know what they’re doing, the better chance clients’ will have a positive experience during their event. You can’t go wrong with that, right?

At the end of the day, we just want every couple to find that DJ that is perfect for them. It’s important that everyone feels comfortable with each other.

If for some reason we aren’t a perfect match for you let us know. We work with some of the brightest professionals in the area and we’ll gladly get you in contact with those who might be a better fit. We are dedicated to your success, even if that means losing your business.

We’re also committed in giving back to local charities, and are happy to donate our time & financial support to a number of worthwhile causes. Portions of all payments that come through our doors go right back out in some form or fashion.

Please take a few moments and browse through our site. We hope you’ll consider hiring Premier Atlanta DJ Entertainment for your upcoming event. We’ve worked hard to add as much useful information on our site to educate you, the consumer, in an effort to assist you in making the right choice when selecting your DJ.

We wish you the best during your planning stages and hope to hear from you very soon!

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Jeremy Johnston
aka DJ David Olam