9 Tips for Hiring the Right DJ

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Competition for DJs in Atlanta is fierce. Every company seems to think/say they are “the best” or “premier” (yes, that includes us) but here are 9 tips to help you hire the right DJ:

1. Experience

Here’s the most important requirement for finding a wedding DJ in Atlanta: Can you CHOOSE YOUR DJ? Think about this for a moment, if you never meet or talk to your DJ before your wedding, how comfortable will you feel? The way your wedding and reception is hosted is one of the most important details. You’ve met your florist, your jeweler, your dressmaker, your photographer and even your In-Laws! Heck, you should INSIST on speaking with and meeting your DJ.

After all the hours of planning, and all the expense of your event, success will come right down to how well your entertainer does his or her job. An Experienced Entertainer will make all the difference in the world towards the final outcome of your event.

2. References

Make sure they have reviews/testimonials as well as references you can call. Make sure the reference is for the EXACT DJ you are hiring, not a reference for the COMPANY!! All of my references are for me or my partner, for Weddings or other gigs where WE performed.

3.  Backup Equipment

Carrying back-up equipment will insure that THE SHOW WILL GO ON. Lack of a spare Amp or CD Player will mean THE END of entertainment at your event or function.

4. Detailed Planning

Does the DJ have a detailed written planner? Are you able to go over every detail directly with your DJ? Can you provide a “must-play” list? A “do not play” list that is specific to SONGS, and not just genres or artists? If the company makes you exclude all songs from a specific artist – that’s a sure sign of a lack of ability to pre-plan and execute specific details. Will the DJ buy any music that he doesn’t already own (especially for your special dance songs)?

5. Beware of Middlemen

OH THE HORROR STORIES! Talent Agencies, Booking Agents and some Mobile DJ Companies will book as many parties as they possibly can, knowing they do not have the “ON STAFF” personnel to cover the events. They will then call every independent DJ they can find until they have found enough people to cover the bookings. To these people, quality and professionalism mean nothing. With them the bottom line is the almighty buck especially in today’s economy.

They will often use LESS EXPERIENCED (cheaper) talent to maximize their profits. By dealing directly us, you know exactly WHO you are booking, and WHAT you will be getting. Now you may find a quality DJ through an agency, but make sure the contract you sign stipulates that THAT DJ will be at your Wedding. Ask them to GUARANTEE that DJ will be at your Wedding.

6. Music Resources

A top-notch Wedding DJ will always carry a wide variety of music covering all styles of danceable music, from the Big Band Swing Era, right up through the latest dance hits of today. This enables them to cover almost any request they receive from you and your guests. Now, some companies may send you a list or have an on-line list of songs. This does not mean that YOUR DJ will have all of this music with him. We, on the other hand, bring EVERY single song on my lists to every event I do. Many DJ’s do not even own their own music. Besides having the music, a DJ must know the music.

7. Weddings

If you’re hiring your DJ to do both ceremony and reception and your ceremony is not adjacent to the reception, MAKE SURE your DJ brings a completely separate sound system! You do not want him to tear down/setup the sound system between the ceremony and reception. That’s unprofessional and it can delay your reception! Both systems should be set up ahead of time so your guests aren’t bothered by setup/tear down.

8. Pricing

Very simply – is a cheap price a “good deal” if your DJ doesn’t do a great job? Is it worth it – at ANY price – if you are nervous or not sure what to expect? Once you have found QUALIFIED DJ’s, and it’s time to talk price, then make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples! Make sure you know what you are paying for and that you aren’t surprised later on.

9. Choose Carefully and Wisely

I realize that many of you may be hiring a DJ for the first time. I hope this outline will help you select the best possible Professional Entertainer you can find. If you have any questions, or if I can be of any service to you please feel free to contact me at any time. Even if you don’t choose me, make sure it is the right person—NOT the cheaper person!!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and even considering us!

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